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March 29, 2016
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June 10, 2016
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Robert Frost wrote, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled, And that has made all the difference.” Funny thing about this line is that most probably believe it is the title of the poem; I sure did! Unfortunately friends, we’re all wrong. The actual title is, “The Road not Taken.” I’m sure you read the poem in school like I did. It’s interesting how we were never given a deeper understanding. It wasn’t until I was led to write this that I began to understand the poem itself as well as what God was trying to show me. In summary, as Robert describes the two roads, he realizes there is no difference in the way they look. There’s no difference in what he can see, that is. He understands that no matter which road he takes, he’ll always wonder what was on the other road. So, he assumes the road he took was less traveled to feel better about his decision. Fortunately, we actually have 2 roads that look VERY DIFFERENT. You want to know the REAL ROAD less traveled? The road to righteousness for $500 Alex!

It’s so crazy how God uses the simplest things to speak to us in the deepest ways. He used this poem, during the year of it’s 100th anniversary to be exact, to demonstrate exactly how we look at following Him. We “desire” to take the road less traveled but we’re always thinking about what we’re missing on the “road not taken.” I know. I know you like getting drunk and “getting loose” because it’s the ONLY way we can have fun being young. I know you like sleeping with all those people who are constantly calling you because you feel powerful. I know you like playing house with that guy because you feel loved as he calls you “wifey.” I know you like portraying Israel on Sunday giving out your inspirational quotes but going back to Jacob Monday-Saturday (catch that?). I know because it was me and I can tell you that IT’S NOT WORTH IT. It’s not worth you drunk driving again only to kill someone else or yourself. It’s not worth you lying down the next time and taking something with you that lasts forever. It’s not worth you being “wifey” because honestly sis, he never plans on actually making you his WIFE. It’s not worth you “pretending to be a Christian” because people are watching us. They think they’re doing things right but they’re dying and going to HELL EVERY DAY.

Now, I know that may seem harsh. I didn’t want to hear it either! TRUST ME when I say this out of love. I’m more worried about your soul than your feelings. Thankfully, someone felt the same way about me! 2 Timothy 3:1-2 says, “But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy.” It goes on and on to describe JUST how we are today! Can I let you in on a secret? God says, He’s the “God of Jacob” (Exodus 3:6). You know what that means? He’s with us when we love and chase money more than Him, when we boast about “our” achievements, when we’re ungrateful, and ALL of the other things we do. He loves us EVEN in our mess trying to discover our true identity! Where most seem to get stuck is when they come as they are, they stay that way. There’s no way to TRULY come to Christ, encounter Him, and not have true change. That being said, YES you will still screw up, make mistakes, and fall into temptation. The difference now is REPENTANCE. You’re making a conscious effort to CONSTANTLY turn away from sin and ask for forgiveness with a pure heart when you do. “None of his sins which he has committed shall be remembered against him; he has done what is lawful and right, he shall surely live,” is what God told us for confirmation to this in Ezekiel 33:16. This road is definitely the one less traveled because it SEEMS less appealing. You know what’s appealing to me? Going to bed every night in peace knowing if it was my last day, I’ve done all I can to pursue Christ and His righteousness. Now, that’s a peace that passes all understanding! All of those trials and tests are only to build your endurance, prune you, and bear some fruit!

So, as I sit here thinking about the two roads diverging, I can’t help but to have a broken heart. See, the most traveled road has flowers, fruit trees, and the greenest grass you’ve ever seen. Well, that’s as far as you can see. You can’t see the fire, dry land, and death that’s awaiting you. The road less traveled? Now, it doesn’t “look” all pleasing to the eye like the “better” road. The flowers are hidden behind the trees. The fruit has just yet to bloom on the tree and the grass just needs to be water. Job 23:10 says, “But He knows the way that I take; When He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold.” Can’t you just imagine being considered gold?? Ah it’s so amazing. We’re ALL tempted and we ALL have our struggles but they’re to make us stronger! You do WHATEVER you have to do to make sure you get it right. Philippians 3:13 reminds us to “forget those things which are behind and reach forward to those things which are ahead.” So, you let everyone know you’ve moved locations. You don’t live at that old address anymore and you don’t have to let others make you believe they do! YOU’VE BEEN REDEEMED! I fight EVERY DAY to chase Him and His kingdom and there are SO MANY other brothers and sisters fighting with us too! We’re all on this journey to hear “Well done My good and faithful servant.” He formed you in your mother’s womb with a purpose. He has a good and perfect plan for your life. He never said it would be easy but promised it would be worth it. Will you trust Him?. God loves you. I love you. Remember, it’s progress towards perfection.